Push-In Fittings

Snap in fitting-1

SM - Straight

The fastest and most labor-saving method to connect flexible nylon conduit to a push-in fitting. The Nylon conduit is inserted into the fitting until the hook snaps over the ridge of the corrugated tubing. The conduit can be mounted rigidly for liquid tight (NEMA 4x) or turnable for non-liquid tight (NEMA 2).

BSM - 90° Snap Elbows

Combines the unique 90° snap elbow and straight push-in fitting for easy installation of wires into an elbow fitting. The "straight" elbow is snapped together after the wires have been installed, resulting in a liquid-tight 90° elbow.


  • Fastest installation of flexible NYLON conduit.
  • Liquid tight - will meet NEMA 4x.
  • O-Ring Thread seal.
  • No tools required! Simply push the flexible conduit into the fitting. The locking hook retains it securely in position.
  • To remove the conduit, lift the outside recessed tab with a screwdriver.
Table 2 Push-In Fittings

Corrugated Conduit : Standard and Super Flex

Snap in fitting-1

Standard and Super Flex Conduit

The Standard corrugated conduit is made of flame retardant nylon. The conduit is sutable for fixed and moderately flexing installations.

The Super Flex conduit is made of a special plastic blend greatly increasing the flex-life of the conduit. It is the perfect solution for drag chain and robotics applications, with a high cycle life expectancy, UV and impact resistance at low temperatures, tough and abrasion resistant. Nominal conduit sizes 23, 37 and 50 fit the ST or ET fittings only. Size 14 is not available in this material.


  • Liquid tight per NEMA 4x (IP 65)

Materials (Black)

  • Conduit (Standard): Nylon 6
  • Conduit (Super Flex): Modified Polyester Elastomer
  • Other conduit materials are available.
  • Fittings and Brackets: Nylon 6/6

Operating Temperature

  • Nylon 6 & 6/6 : -40°F to 230°F (-40°C to 110°C)
  • Modified Polyester Elastomer -58°F to 266°F (-50°C to 130°C)
table Super Flex Conduit

Snap-in Mounting Brackets


Holds conduit securely in place. Material: Black Nylon 6/6

table Snap-in Mounting Brackets